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Pemba Island is pristine, adventurous and fascinating. Enjoy snorkeling, diving, sailing and lazing on the deserted beaches. Pemba Island has a lot to offer. Beautiful beaches, first class diving and snorkeling sites and several historical places. Travelling on Pemba Island is like travelling in an undiscovered area. Besides, you’re approached friendly everywhere you go.

While Zanzibar is probably the most popular island in East Africa, the small archipelago around Mafia Island, just 160km to its south, remains virtually unknown. Yet for simple ocean pleasures, Mafia has long been the connoisseur’s choice for genuinely laid-back, feet-in-the-sand island chilling.

The archipelago’s clutch of small, high-quality lodges – from fairytale treehouses to a world-class private villa; diving that ranks amongst the very best in the Indian Ocean, and relatively few visitors, make it the ideal destination for a low-key tropical retreat.

On arriving at Mafia’s tiny airport, it is clear that the pace of life is slow here. Recently paved roads lead through the sleepy capital of Kilindoni, before giving way to farming and fishing villages, lush coconut plantations and dense forests of baobabs, mangos and cashews.

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