You’re in the African bush. A lion roars in the distance, hippo are submerged in a nearby waterhole, and you’ve just seen a herd of elephant march in a line across the plains, silhouetted against the setting sun. Then, you arrive at a spot illuminated by lanterns, a table is set up for dinner and meat is sizzling on the grill. You’re handed a drink and soulful singing accompanies your sundowner.

This is the kind of experience a luxury safari can bring. Add to that camps and lodges that redefine the concept of a tent, where you have your own pool and a deck that provides a front-row seat to wildlife. And, your stay is sprinkled with extra touches, from the intimacy of private game drives, bush walks and boat trips to the guides whose knowledge, passion and personalities make each day memorable.

This six-day safari will take you to the best parks in the country’s Northern Circuit. Majestic wildlife amidst three breath-taking landscapes – a superb combination creating lifelong memories for you!… You will begin your adventure with Tarangire, a park famed for its diversity and with plenty to see at any time, before you head to the endless plains of the magnificent Serengeti, an incomparable place and a favorite with animals and visitors alike. After two nights there, only a natural wonder like the awe-inspiring Ngorongoro Crater would be enough to drag you away. You will descend into the crater to see its many fascinating inhabitants.



Experience thrilling Serengeti game drives


Experience thrilling Serengeti game drives


Experience thrilling Serengeti game drives
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