Short rain season.

Mid October – November / Central Serengeti and Western Serengeti.As the migratory herds move back into Tanzania, they start into three groups that each take different roots, the Western, Eastern and Southern Serengeti. The Central Serengeti will typically have the more significant number of the herds, and with the Eastern Corridor being less accessible, Central and the Western Serengeti are after the most popular locations during these months.The Central Serengeti will have plenty of resident game, and with the migration returning, the game viewing will be even more diverse and exciting as the resident predators will have an abundance of food during this time, with scattered forests, the Serena valley, and open plain, this area will allow easy game access with more ground to cover compared with Western and Eastern Corridor, for those who prepare a more exclusive game drive this time, Western Serengeti could be a suitable choice for game drives.The Western Corridor can be visited when staying in central Serengeti, as our driver guides can make day trips and visit the area. That is typically less crowded.

As November to early December is considered low season in Tanzania, the parks are less crowded, enabling more exclusive game drives to compare to the other seasons, the rainfall also makes the game viewing exciting as it would be the first rain after a long dropout during the dry season, the pricing for accommodation is also great for those who prefer to keep the costs down.

During this time, the weather can be quite warm during the daytime 20-25oF / 68-77oF though after the rain and during early morning time. The temperature typically drops in the low 10-15oC / 50-59oF.

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Experience thrilling Serengeti game drives


Experience thrilling Serengeti game drives


Experience thrilling Serengeti game drives
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