Family Safari Holidays in Tanzania

Tanzania is fantastic for family safaris! As the country is situated within Africa’s malaria belt, we don’t recommend travelling here with children under 6 years. However, it’s a great destination for wildlife-loving youngsters aged 6 years and over.

Where to go in Tanzania on your family safari

Pick of our places for families in Tanzania are: 

  • The Serengeti –  from witnessing the Great Migration to catching sight of the big cats that follow the herds, you and your children will be mesmerised by this national park every time you set off on a traditional game drive!
  • Ngorongoro Crater – the views from the Crater rim are sure to have you and your little ones gasping with awe. Well worth a visit for the scenic vistas alone, the Crater is also steeped in history, so the kids can enjoy a little learning as you cruise along the caldera floor.
  • Selous Game Reserve – the Selous is a watery world filled with palm trees, boat cruises, and of course some wonderful wildlife. This reserve is perfect for a quieter family safari!
  • Zanzibar – you can’t beat family time spent on the beach, and that’s why we recommend a few days’ post-safari along the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar!

What do I need to know before I go? Is there going to be wifi where I’m going? What documentation will I need? Is it safe to travel in Africa? Question, questions, questions… Luckily, we have the answers and more, leaving you free to sit back, kick off your shoes and just enjoy the ride! That’s what a safari is all about and what we strive for by making sure you’ve got all the information you need to help you have a simply fantastic vacation.

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