The calving season

Late January and March/Southern Serengeti and Ndutu plaints NCAA.

During the calving season the flat plains makes the migration viewing all the more spectacular as over a million wildebeest and zebras are estimated to gather in the southern plains each year, the calving season typically lakes between January and early March, though it can sometimes be early or late depending on the rain pattern, this is the spectacular season to visit Tanzania as you will have the opportunity to be a midst large herds of zebras and Wildebeest – as far as the eye can see, the herds gather between Southern Serengeti and the Ndutu plains. (Ngorongoro Conservation Area) To give birth simultaneously, do to the mix of volcanic soils of the southern plains when the rainfall occurs. A growth of highly nutritional rich grass that is beneficial for lactating mothers will prompt the herds of wildebeest and zebras to feed here. As a result, this attracts larger groups of predators animals such as lions, cheetah, leopards, and hyenas, to prey on the young and the weak, with luck and exceptional guiding, you will have a chance to see thrilling chase and stumbling upon young cubs and newborn!

Since the Ndugu plains allows off-road game drive in the northern circuit, this is a truly unique experience for photographers, and wildlife enthusiasm sits like all of our drive guides are highly aware of the teeming wildlife in the plains, and they conduct game drive carefully and professionally, as not to distribute the wildlife, though off road game drive is permitted at Malaki Safaris we aim to respect the animals territory and strive to preserve its natural environment, safe distances between our guests and wildlife will be carefully and respectfully maintained, and to ensure that our vehicles will not become on obstacle to any wildlife activity in this area.

As this will be in the mids of the rain season in Tanzania, the roads will be less dusty compared to the dry season. The temperature will be moderate (between 20-25 oC/68-77 oF, and a bit colder in the early morning and evenings, between 10-15 oC/50-59 oF.










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Experience thrilling Serengeti game drives


Experience thrilling Serengeti game drives


Experience thrilling Serengeti game drives
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