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Safari Packing List Checklist 

When packing for a safari, the most important thing is moderation. While there is no need to go minimalist, you also don’t want to carry an abundance of unnecessary luggage across Africa with you.

Remember, travelers on safari will move with their luggage in the safari vehicle throughout the tour. For the days spent in the same hotel or lodge, of course, you will leave your bags back in your room.

Hence, if you bring too much luggage it could be an inconvenience or even a hindrance to wildlife viewing.

We have created a packing list, based on years of leading excellent safaris, to help you pack just the right items (but not too much!) for your incredible African safari in Tanzania:

The Ultimate Safari Packing List

Remember that you will spend a great deal of time in the safari car, viewing wildlife. However, you may participate in walking safaris or cultural tours throughout your safari, so you should have practical, comfortable, and sturdy walking shoes.

Please leave high heels, fashion sneakers, and platforms for other occasions.

Weather in Tanzania can vary depending on the altitude and time of day. It is wise to bring layers for added warmth, especially in the early mornings and late nights.

Safari Packing List:

1 -2 long-sleeved shirts;
warm sweater or light jacket (the temperature in the Ngorongoro falls to 0 degrees Celcius in the evening and in the morning);
Regular, light shirts or T-shirts (preferably 1 pc for every day of safari);
1-2 pairs of light cotton trousers;
Shorts or a loose skirt, for the ladies;
swimsuit/trunks (most lodges offer a swimming pool);
A hat, for the sun (visor or other cap is also acceptable).

You may note that many travelers on safari wear khaki or neutral colors, and avoid bright whites or fluorescent colors. There are several reasons for this: firstly, you will blend in with nature better by wearing neutral tones, whether you are walking or seated in the car; secondly, some areas of Tanzania are very dusty and khaki-colored items are less likely to show discoloration from the dust of the safari than white garments.

What medications should you take on safari?

Keep in mind, that every our safari vehicle is stocked with a basic first-aid kit. If you have prescription medications or special needs, please come prepared with your necessary medications.

antimalarial drugs (such as Malarone, and Lariam);
tablets from motion sickness, if you are susceptible;
antihistamines for allergies (Claritin, Loratadine, Azelastine), which can be difficult to purchase in Tanzania;

Inhaler for asthma remedy, as the dust may aggravate asthmatic symptoms;
Any prescription medications you may require.

It is also recommended to bring insect repellents. These pesky insects are only active in the early morning and evening, likely when you are already back at your accommodations for the evening. Alternatively, wearing a long-sleeved shirt can help deter mosquitoes, as well.

Do not forget the sunscreen! The equatorial sun is strong in Tanzania, and you are likely to be at a higher elevation throughout your Tanzanian safari, especially when in Ngorongoro or the highlands. Choose a product with SPF 40 protection or higher to protect your skin.

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