• Pack light.
    • There are complimentary laundry service possibilities in camps and lodges during your trip. Travel with a soft bag, rather than a hard cover suitcase.
  • Casual and comfortable
    • Casual and comfortable safari clothing in natural colours (beige, grey, green, khaki, brown) will be appropriate everywhere. Very bright and neon colours generally scare the wildlife. Try to avoid dark blue and black colours when on the game drive. These colours attract Tsetse Flies who can leave you with an itchy bite.
      Don’t forget a sun hat or cap to protect your head from the strong tropical rays. During the wet season, temperatures are colder and it is a good idea to pack some items with long sleeves. Highland areas have generally lower temperatures all year around, so take a fleece or a jacket with you. Take along your walking shoes and a pair of lighter open shoes like sandals or flip flops. When visiting coastal towns, women can’t go wrong by avoiding sleeveless tops and dressing modestly. When staying in the beach hotel or camps/lodges with a swimming pool, you are free to dress in swimwear around the pool and beach area. Pack also your sunglasses, mosquito repellent, personal medications and hygiene items.
    • Incase you forgot anything, your driver can stop in a supermarket near Arusha town before heading to the remote areas in the nature.
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